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Why was born?
We created for the purpose of providing readers with the most detailed information and listings about all areas of life. For example: The most prestigious eating places, companies, centers, restaurants, hotels, spas, tourist destinations, ... at home and abroad for you to have an overview, choose a most suitable unit.
We rely on thorough analysis of the number, popularity, scale, ... of the units and locations that rank TOP in Google search. At the same time, there is a selection of accurate, honest and objective information to help you choose.
What is the main goal of
With the rapid development of social media and modern technology today, along with the development of many types of services and products, consumers are confused in choosing. In addition, there are many types of scams and multi-level variations that make people increasingly confused as to how to choose. Therefore, we have carried out rigorous assessments and surveys to bring the most useful and accurate information to our readers.
Our process of evaluating and filtering information:
Conduct direct surveys: We will conduct direct surveys, experience, and use the product to make the most important evaluations based on the set criteria.
Search online survey: team will conduct information search on the internet such as: Website, google, fanpage, ...
=> Based on the above factors, we have enough information to most objectively evaluate the products and services when conducting in-depth research.
So does sell or not?
Absolutely not! We are information reviewers, not sellers of any particular product or service. If you are a person with a real need then go to the place we provide in our website.
For further enquiries, please contact us:
Top 10 Search
Address: 669 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 25, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone number: 0978467784
Zalo: 01655040425

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